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We provide the highest quality painting and diorama building services

Whatever you need painted or built, we can deliver. The most important thing for us is quality and the satisfaction of customers. Each comission is treated individually, as all are small works of art. Whether we build personal projects or commissions, the same amount of love and passion is put into them. 

Miniature Painting 

Whether it's an individual miniature or a whole army - we got you covered. 

Custom terrain 

Just name it. I'll help you with ideas so we can create spectacular pieces of terrain which will make your players jaws drop! Just watch out so they don't drop on that terrain, because they might hurt their jaws on those spikey bits!

Diorama building

Small display diorama? Gaming table? Promotional diorama for your kickstarter? Everything is possible! 


Perhaps you just need photos of the minis you created, painted up in scenery shots? No problem! I can provide you with photos of your miniatures, terrain or visual aid for your Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, enhancing them by adding props from my collection or adding a bit of CGI.

3d Printing

Always wanted those nice miniatures you saw online but don't have a printer? Are you a 3d designer living on the other end of our planet? No problem. We have access to several 3d printers both our own as well as we collaborate with a professional 3d printing studio. 

Brand promotion

Do you represent a brand or have your own line of minis or terrain? Are you a digital sculptor and are thinking about a Patreon or Kickstarter? Contact me and see what we can do together! With so much competition on the market we can make your designs and ideas stand out amongst all those plain renders around!

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